Hara Karamihali was born in 1967 in Athens, Greece.

Her passion for jewellery started from very young age, when she attended a seminar for handmade jewellery in Greece. One seminar was followed by another and eventually she went to London, at Central Saint Martin’s – UAL – University of the Arts, where she was taught the technique of knitting wire and precious stones with needle.

Then by developing her technique she proceeded in sculpting the wire with the help of other materials. You can find her jewels in her shops in Athens but also in museums and galleries. She has also taken part in many exhibitions in Greece and abroad as well. Her work also is being published in the ‘’Contemporary Jewellery Year book’’, which is a book with jewellery designers from all around the world.

Moreover since 2009 along with Dora Haralampaki opened an Art School, named “Craftit” emphasizing mainly on jewellery but also in Ceramic and other forms of art. Their purpose was to create a place which allows all age groups to intermix and create, to be able to present their crafts and exchange opinions in order to progress, through the path of art culture. In addition they have opened a shop for arts and crafts which is called “Craftit Shop”.



2016 “New territories”, Ilias Lalaounis Jewellery Museum

2015 “I feel lucky”, As Gallery Crete

2014 “Sieraad Art Fair”, November 2014 Amsterdam , Netherlands

2014 “Three Title”,  As Gallery Crete

2014 “Three Title”,  Ilias Lalaounis Jewellery Museum

2014 “Faces of Rebirth”,  Actus Gallery Athens

2013 “Group Exhibition” Gallery M Art Manolioudakis, Athens

2013 “Sieraad Art Fair”, November 2013 ,Amsterdam ,Netherlands

2011 “From Darkness to Light”. Gallery Marneri Athens

2011 “Talisman”. Craftit Athens

2010 “Trash Art”. Gallery Harma.  Athens



email: karami.hara@gmail.com